Dental Veneers From Solaris Dental Design

Solaris Dental Design manufactures your veneers locally in Vancouver. We ensure that all products that come out of our labs are of the highest possible quality, where as some dental labs will outsource their productions leading to shoddy dental appliances that don’t last nearly as long and can be potentially harmful to the wearer due to the use of dangerous materials.

However, with Solaris, you can rest easy knowing your patients will be receiving a product that will look great, feel great, and last for years to come.
We manufacture our dental veneers using in-house Zirconia drilling machines and only the highest quality ceramic materials. We can create veneers using the IPS e.max system, or using special Zirconia. Our veneers are made by experienced dental technicians, and advanced techniques which result in strong final products which are exact shade matched to the patient’s specifications. Our dental veneers are very natural looking without sacrificing any durability or structural strength.

Zirconia Vs E.Max

When you are looking to get dental veneers you will have to decide on the material that will be used in the creation of the veneers. This is an important step in the process because each material has its own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to its appearance, usage cases, longevity, and other qualities.


Zirconia, also known as zirconia oxide, is a substance usually used in making full and partial dental crowns. Zirconia can be shaded, so you can find the shade that best matches your natural teeth color. This makes it so that it is hard to tell you are wearing veneers in the first place.

Although Zirconia is well suited for shade matching and is known for its incredible strength, it will still eventually fade. And as it fades the shade will no longer perfectly match the colour you were going for. It is common for zirconia veneers to be coated in a porcelain finish to fortify it allowing the veneers to keep their natural look for an extended time.


E.Max, also known as Lithium Silicate, is a type of ceramic like Zirconia but it has it’s own unique properties. E.Max is generally used only for making partial crowns, and is not usually used for full crowns.
However, it is sometimes used in small part in making full crowns.

E.Max, unlike zirconia, does not get stained for colour. This is because E.Max crowns are much more translucent than their Zirconia counterparts. E.Max is much more natural looking than Zirconia for this reason, and will in turn appear natural for longer since the staining will not wear off.

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